This estimator is designed for easy use and provides “ballpark” results based upon streamlined data entries and several default assumptions. A qualified professional can analyze your particular situation in greater detail, walk you through various system design options, and explain the benefits.

To determine the Cost per Unit of energy look at a Utility Bill. The price per Unit is the total utility bill divided by the number of units used. For example, if your electric bill is $100 and 800 kWh were used the average price is $100 divided by 800 kWh = $0.1250 per kWh. Likewise if your natural gas bill was $100 and 90 Therms of gas were used the average price is $100 divided by 90 Therms = $1.1100 per Therm.

Income Tax Brackets:

  • Federal: Search here: Typical: 28.00%
  • State: Search here